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Managing and contextualizing faults in the rail signaling subsystem is critical to ensuring the safety of passengers, drivers, and rail personnel. Therefore, it is important to manage and track the status of each piece of equipment individually, contextualize faults to understand the causes of the failures, and identify the factors that contributed to the failure.


Key features

To achieve this goal, the Signalling module allows for the monitoring of the condition of each signalling equipment, the detection of potential issues, and the optimization of maintenance and replacements, in order to minimize downtime and reduce costs. The contextualization of faults makes it possible to correlate external covariates with signalling equipment failures, to understand the causes of failures and to predict the necessary interventions to prevent future breakdowns.

AI at the service of REX

Signalling aims to facilitate feedback. By collecting and analyzing data on faults and maintenance interventions of signaling equipment, it allows for identifying trends and establishing preventive maintenance plans to prevent faults in the future. This allows for capitalizing on acquired experience and ensuring a continuous improvement of the performance of the railway signaling subsystem.


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