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Data Station

The Data station module is the basic foundation of RAILwAI platform. It serves as both a data governance center and a true driving cab, offering a set of tools to efficiently cross-reference data, archive it, and improve maintenance management.

Maximize the efficiency by segmenting your data and performance indicators according to different criteria

Take control of your data and have full confidence in your KPIs to better manage your business

Avoid wasting time on Excel sheets with thousands of rows

Optimize the management of each specific aspect of your business by automating data tracking

Avoid unpleasant surprises thanks to a conceptual and physical model finally adapted to railways

DATASTATION is designed to be used by individuals with no knowledge in Data Visualization. We assist you in designing your charts and tabs and offer training if you wish to create by your own.

Customized support to meet your visualization needs

Your contacts are former maintainers, your time is precious. Don't waste it on training project managers in the business !

You have the ability to design your own graphs according to your needs

Choose from a vast library of visualization scenarios

Discover our solution

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