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How do machine learning models revolutionize railway maintenance while reducing costs?

Data-driven Maintenance

Centralize, enrich, and ensure data reliability to optimize your infrastructure management, and move from preventive maintenance to intelligent condition-based maintenance.

A global 360 data platform in guided transportation industry

Take control of all infrastructure data and efficiently manage your maintenance to make the right decisions at the right time

Encourage modal shift to rail for more eco-friendly transportation solutions

 Get a complete 360-degree view of the key infrastructure data

 Save up to 90% of data processing time from capture systems

Evaluate the impact of your maintenance actions over time


Do you use proprietary software? RAILwAI allows you to import them in a few clicks, depending on the available formats

Maintenance form

RAILwAI integrates and allows the processing of your maintenance forms directly 

Onboard sensor

Connect your sensors to allow data cross-referencing from all systems

Centralize your data in a single environment

Number of Modules

To put AI at the service of railway infrastructure maintenance

Infrastructure managers
Railway companies
Railway companies
Engineering and construction firms
Engineering and construction firms
Sensor suppliers
Sensor suppliers

Get our expertise in data management and guided transport infrastructures maintenance : Our unique double DNA

Data fragmentation

The huge numbers of systems and manufacturers have led to a situation where majority of data is fragmented, and 87% is not used because retrieving and crunching all data is too time-consuming.


reduction in maintenance and renewal costs


reduction of train delays / cancellations


global platform dedicated to operations


modules dedicated to your business processes

  • Who is RAILwAI for?
    RAILwAI is designed for key players in the rail sector, including: Infrastructure managers : To optimize infrastructure maintenance and management. Railway companies : To improve the operational efficiency and safety of transport services. Engineering companies : To analyze and optimize the design of large transport infrastructure projects. Construction Companies : To manage construction data and improve project efficiency. Sensor manufacturers : To integrate and exploit sensor data in the railway sector. We help these companies structure their data and use it jointly to gain reliability and precision.
  • What integrations do you offer?
    Our goal is to continue developing new integrations to meet the evolving needs of our customers and simplify railway data management as much as possible. CMMS Systems : We integrate data from widely used Computer Aided Maintenance Management systems, such as Carl, Maximo, Altair Enterprise, SAP, and Mainta. Sensors and Monitoring Technologies : We collaborate with leading sensor manufacturers, such as ERTMS Solutions, Sencrop, INEO, VAPERAIL, Konux, Sensonic, and MER MEC, to integrate monitoring data, improving the security and reliability of rail operations. Maintenance Forms : We support the integration of specific maintenance forms, such as those provided by ERMEO, allowing more fluid and precise intervention management. Proprietary Solutions and CSV Files : For those who use proprietary software or need to integrate data via CSV files, our platform is also equipped to facilitate these integrations, ensuring great flexibility for all our users.
  • How does RAILwAI beat the competition on the market?
    Firstly through its DNA, which combines “RAIL” and “Artificial Intelligence”, RAILwAI is the result of the meeting between two worlds: that of former railway maintainers who could not find solutions adapted to their needs in commerce, and that of data science experts. Drawing on this dual expertise, we offer an innovative digital solution, with the ambition of boosting the maintenance of transport infrastructures through the adoption of a “data-driven” methodology. Most tools on the market focus on reporting alarms from proprietary sensors and present compatibility difficulties with other ecosystems. CMMS struggle to work on linear infrastructures. In addition, current anomaly detection models and aging rules do not allow continuous evolution and learning while taking into account the specificities of certain areas specific to each infrastructure. How can you envisage effective predictive maintenance with degradation models when observation of your infrastructure is limited, like through a diving mask? It’s time for you to take back control of your data!
  • How is my data secured?
    Your data is systematically encrypted to ensure security and is not accessible to any third parties. All flows between storage bases and computing instances are encrypted to ensure the protection of your data. Your data is hosted on servers based in Europe and meets the highest levels of cybersecurity standards (ISO-27001), providing you with real-time access to your performance indicators.
  • Is the RAILwAI platform suitable for my organization if we do not have a large amount of data or the maturity required for a large-scale project?
    We understand that every organization is at a different stage in its digital journey. That's why our platform is designed to speak the same language as you, aligning perfectly with your current level of data and technological maturity. We have a deep understanding of the specificities of organizations and guided network architectures, enriched by our regular exchanges with key industry control and certification bodies. Our expertise enables us to stay at the forefront of best practices and identify pitfalls to avoid. To ease your transition, we have developed robust physical and conceptual data models, specially designed to adapt to your infrastructures. These models aim to automate and industrialize the deployment process, minimizing your involvement and making the adoption of our solution as smooth and effortless as possible. We are committed to supporting you at every step, ensuring that our platform enhances your maintenance management without imposing additional workload.
  • My data has value, does it remain my property?
    Absolutely, your data remains your exclusive property. It is recognized that data has significant intrinsic value, a value that increases considerably when it is contextualized and enriched. Strategically using this data to anticipate outages or failures can transform the management and maintenance of your infrastructure. According to the 2021 annual report of the Transport Quality of Service Authority (AQST), delays and cancellations in the transport sector vary from 9.5% for TER to 15.9% for Intercités, with the TGV at 13.1%. Between 38% and 49% of these incidents are attributed to infrastructure or traffic management problems, resulting in an estimated annual cost of 1.5 billion euros for the community, considering only delays of more than 5 minutes . These figures highlight significant challenges in the management of infrastructure, which is on average 30 years old in France. These statistics illustrate the critical importance of optimized data management. With up to 87% of the data collected never being used, it’s clear that the potential for improvement is immense. Our platform is designed to help you get the most out of your data, ensuring ownership and leveraging it to improve the efficiency and reliability of your operations.

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