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About us

RailwAI is a software publisher dedicated to optimizing railway maintenance through data-driven solutions. RailwAI, which stands for "Rail with Artificial Intelligence", combines dual expertise : railway maintenance and data science.


RailwAI provides a software solution that optimizes the monitoring, maintenance, and renewal operations of guided transport infrastructures (railway lines, metro, tramway, maintenance, and storage sites).

RailwAI collects data from various sources (sensors, inspection cars, information systems, etc.), and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze this data and provide maintenance predictions and recommendations to infrastructure managers.

The RailwAI solution is based on a global platform, the the ability to cross data (advanced analytics), and prediction models (predictive analytics). It offers operators and maintainers a comprehensive view of key data for better understanding and optimal decision-making.

Thus, RailwAI enables the evolution of maintenance rules towards intelligent condition-based maintenance through a modular offer, interoperable with other tools and systems already deployed by customers.

RailwAI positions itself as a partner of its customers, to understand and pragmatically and reactively respond to their specific needs. The extensive experience of our teams and their in-depth knowledge of the industry, also allow us to make proposals for the solutions to be deployed.


The RAILwAI team

Located in Montpellier, RAILwAI employs 17 people divided into 4 areas of expertise:

  • Strategy and Operations Management

  • Technical Management

  • R&D and Innovation Management

  • Sales Management



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