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About us

Who are RAILwAI?

Founded in October 2021 and based in Montpellier, the French startup, already recognized by the Agency for Innovation in Transport for its ability to share data and promote knowledge dissemination, as well as awarded Gold Winner of the European Startup Prize for Mobility among a panel of 700 European companies, as a future impact company for the world of mobility, thus offers a disruptive, scalable, industrial solution deeply imbued with the dual expertise of its workforce.

Diverging from traditional generalist software companies and without its own expertise, RAILwAI integrates into the French and international railway landscape with a strong desire to make its mark. An imprint particularly marked by its dual expertise, a deep understanding of transportation infrastructure maintenance, and mastery of data science, which characterizes its dual DNA.

The RAILwAI team

Located in Montpellier, RAILwAI employs 17 people divided into 4 areas of expertise:

  • Strategy and Operations Management

  • Technical Management

  • R&D and Innovation Management

  • Sales Management


Our goals


Optimize resources

Maximize asset reliability

Promote the availability of services

Cost reduction

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Check out our open positions now!

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